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A warm welcome to this website, offering a selection of commemorative medals and coins.


What began in the mid-1960's as a schoolboy interest in coins eventually led to the discovery of historical medals. Fascination in the subject encouraged the compilation of British Commemorative Medals and their Values, which was published in 1987. A revised edition came out in 2010 with updated values and colour images.*


The internet and digital technology have done much to enhance the appreciation of coins and medals. As well as enlivening their visual appeal, an  increasing flow of information has provided further opportunity for research and discovery.


Enjoy the website and happy collecting!


Christopher Eimer



* My other titles include An Introduction to Commemorative Medals (1989); Medallic Portraits of the Duke of Wellington;(1994); and The Pingo Family and Medal Making in Eighteenth-Century Britain (1998).













British Commemorative Medals and their values

British Commemorative Medals and their Values.

The latest edition has a print-run of 2000, and each book has been individually numbered. Price: £75.

  • William III, Peace of London 1674

  • Great Exhibition Medal 1851

  • George IV shell cameo c.1821

  • Royal Academy Prize 1837