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Reference:5996 Admiral de Ruyter: Naval Action between England and Holland, 1666

Bust of Admiral de Ruyter, three-quarters right, wearing the badge of the Order of the Elephant suspended from the neck by a long ribbon, the upper part hidden by a large double-collar; beyond, to left and right, naval trophies.

An expansive scene of a naval engagement, with a ship sinking in foreground.

[By W. Muller].

Silver. 79 mm.

Condition: Good Very Fine


Constructed by the standard method for such medals of two cast plates of silver joined at the edge by a broad rim, the medal is in high relief and of very pleasing appearance.

Michael Adriaanszoon de Ruyter (1607-1676), Dutch admiral and naval hore. Both the Dutch and the English had claimed victory at this action in the North Sea. This is the very plate piece illustrated in Eimer on Plate 29.



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