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Reference:5995 Andries Schoemaker: Amsterdam Antiquarian and Numismatist Aged Seventy-Two, 1732

Bewigged bust of Schoemaker seated at his study, facing three-quarters right, a coin or medal delicately held in the fingers of his left hand as he uses the right to diligently record the item in his ledger, with a sense of barely-concealed satisfaction.

Nine-line dedicatory inscription from his admirer and friend Johannes Kortebrant.

Bronze, cast. 60 mm.

Condition: Nearly Extremely Fine


Andries Schoemaker (Amsterdam, 9 October 1660 in - 23 December 1735, Amsterdam) was a Dutch textile merchant, collector, numismatist and publisher of historical and topographical information and images of cities, villages, churches, castles and alike.

The medal represents an astonishingly early tribute to a numismatist from his admirer and friend Johannes Kortebrant, who pays homage to Schoemaker with an expansive exultation on the reverse side of the medal.

An extremely rare medal and superbly-detailed cast in wonderful condition.