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Reference:4734 Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland: Motor Boat Reliability Trials, 1904

Insignia of the Automobile Club of Great Britain, the female figure of Victory standing upon a winged wheel; a motorcar in a distant landscape. Engraved inscription in the centre: MESSRS VOSPER & Co. CLASS 3. By Birmingham Mint. Silver-gilt. 64 mm.

Condition: Extremely fine.


This is the only example of the medal to have been noted. Herbert Edward Vosper set up Vosper & Co when he was only 21 in 1871 at Camber, a small commercial dock on the east side of the entrance to Portsmouth harbour. The main work of the Company during the early years was largely in the refitting and repair of coastal vessels. The soon prosperous company began producing their own range of steam reciprocating engines which were fitted into all types of craft, including yachts, tugs, tenders and launches, for the Admiralty and for export. One of the first vessels that the Company built was the tug Hercules for the Shoreham Harbour Authority. Vosper & Co. proved to be an early pioneer of the internal combustion engine, developing vaporising paraffin and crude oil engines. It eventually merged with JT Thornycroft.