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Reference:4017 Bogman, 1987

By Carole Hodgson. Cast, bronze. 79 mm. (3.15 inches).

Condition: Extremely fine.

Notes: This was issued by the British Art Medal Society, which was formed in 1982 with the purpose of encouraging contemporary medallic art in Britain and the study of medallic history. Each medal issued by BAMS is illustrated in its journal, The Medal, and is produced in a declared edition, the total number cast of this one being 24. Carole Hodgson (b.1940), studied sculpture and drawing at the Slade School. Her work can be seen in collections in the United Kingdom, the United States and on the Continent. In 1987, there was an exhibition at the British Museum of 'bogman', whose remains date to pre-Roman times, and to which this medal is a response.

References: The Medal 11. P. Attwood, British Art Medals 1982-2002 (published 2002), 44.