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Reference:4090 Centenary of the Augsburg Confession 1530, 1630

Half-length bust of Prince Johann Georg I of Saxony, facing, an upright sword held in his hand; four heraldic shields in the quarters. An eleven-line inscription. By Sebastian Dadler. Silver. 57 mm. (2.3 inches) in diameter.

Condition: Nearly extremely fine, minor nicks to the edge, slight rubbing to relief. An attractive example, the surfaces with some original 'flash'.

Notes: Examples of this fine medal were represented in the celebrated collections of Reformation and related material built by Stucker (Lot 453) and Whiting (Lot 119). At 40.40 grammes and 41.29 grammes, respectively, these examples are considerably lighter than the example currently being offered, which weighs 57.50 grammes. Would you please note that you are in the ARCHIVE page of the website, where all sold items are placed. For items that are still available, please go to the menu opposite and click on MEDALS & MEDALLIC ART.

References: Belli 1646; Tentzel 46/IV; Wiecek 57.