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Reference:4087 Faustina Romana, c. 1560

Bust of Faustina to left, her bust draped, and wearing a necklace; her hair up, and secured with ornamental fastenings. Leda and the Swan. Bronze, cast. 49 mm. (1.95 inches) in diameter.

Condition: A contemporary cast, very fine, and with an exceptional portrait.

Notes: On this cast, the borders occupying the legend on each side have been tooled, and the letters redefined. In so doing, the last word on the obverse legend reads 'OR' in error for 'OP'. An example in the Bibliotheque Nationale has been similarly recut, and with the same legend. The relief of the reverse has been 'shaved' and thus it is flattened in appearance. The sitter is identified with a courtesan celebrated by Joachim de Bellay, and who was in Rome between 1553 and 1558. Would you please note that you are in the ARCHIVE page of the website, where all sold items are placed. For items that are still available, please go to the menu opposite and click on MEDALS & MEDALLIC ART.

References: Armand, ii, 170, 32, and iii, 231, e; Attwood 189; Bargello 740; Kress 469a.