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Reference:4627 Florian Antonini and the Palazzo Antonini, Udine, c. 1550

Draped bust of Florian Antonini. FLORIANVS ANTONINVS ANDRAEA F. Fašade of the Palazzo Antonini, which was designed by Andea Palladio. AETERNITATI SACRVM. Unsigned (by Giovanni Cavino). Bronze, cast. 37 mm. in diameter.

Condition: Almost very fine and a nice cast of this rare medal.

Notes: The Antonini were a celebrated aristocratic family from Udine and Florian was a patron of the architect Andrea Palladio. The beginning of construction of the Palazzo Antonini dates to the 1550s, contemporaneous with the construction of the Arco Bollani. Florian Antonini is reported as having continued the tradition of minting a foundation medal for the Palazzo, possibly in the form of this medal. In 1559 the palace was already partially inhabitable, but in 1563 building works were still in progress.

References: Armand I ; Muzeo Mazzuchelli plate LXIV / 5.