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A warm welcome to this website, on which you will find a variety of coins, medals and related items, in which I have been dealing for more than fifty years. Modern technology has replaced the quarterly printed catalogues issued in the early years, in the 1970s, while prices have sikialrly changed. The one constant has been an attempt to maintain the quality of items offered for sale, which continue to be selected for their visual appeal. Anything purchased can be returned within ten days of receipt, if not entirely to satisfaction.

Postage, packing and insurance are charged at a combined cost of £4 for inland, £8 for Europe and £12 for overseas sendings; the cost will be scaled back proportionately for orders of multiple items.

There are no additional charges, such as the 'Buyer's Premium'. which auction houses introduced in the mid-1970, an increasingly onerous levy for the buyer, which today typically adds 30% to the overall price, with postage usually adding  further £15 or more to the costs.

Items on the website are offered subject to availability and while prices are occasionally revised upwards, the listed price will be honoured at the time that an order is placed.

My work on Mehmet the Conqueror: A Portrait of Youth and Ambition has recently been published by Spink and is available here, under the book section, or elsewhere, on-line or at various bookshops. 

On a more private note, my wife Missi and I have been collecting medals featuring cats or those otherwise related to the feline species, in their domestic context, over many years. As such, we would be interested in hearing of any such items that may be available for purchase. The collection constitues one element of this website, illustrating the various contexts in which cats appear in a medallic or related form. 

Any questions - do email or call.

Enjoy browsing and happy collecting!

Christopher Eimer



British Commemorative Medals and their values

British Commemorative Medals and their Values, by Christopher Eimer.

The second edition of this catalogue was published by Spink in 2010 in a numbered edition of 2000 copies. The cost is £160, including postage anywhere in the world; delivery times are usually 2-3 days for the UK; 5-7 days for Europe; and 8-10 days for the rest of the world.

The catalogue contains 2230 fully descriptive entries on 326 pages, interspersed by 249 colour plates on blue silk-coated paper. With more than 3000 illustrations, the medals are amongst the best available from private and museum collections.  

For a brief preview, click the front cover to the left and turn the pages.

The First Edition was published by B.A. Seaby in 1987, in an edition of 1500, with 265 pages of text, 2148 entries, 52 plates of black and white illustrations. This had a red and blue dust jacket, the Front Cover featuring two medals of Lord Nelosn, and went out of print in 2000.

  • William III, Peace of London 1674

  • Great Exhibition Medal 1851

  • George IV shell cameo c.1821

  • Royal Academy Prize 1837