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Reference:5626 Antonia del Bazo, c. 1465

Bust of Antonia to right, her hair in a net.

The figure of Hope, nude and winged, standing on the prow of a galley drawn by two pegasi, above which flies a small cupid. Hope holds a broken anchor and tattered sail.

By Pier Jacopo di Antonio Bonacolsi ('Antico').

Bronze, cast. 39 mm.

Condition: About Very Fine


An early or original cast, small casting flaw on the edge at 3 o'clock; an attractive medal with much fine detail present.

A smalll neat hope at top between the lettering.

(please note that the diagonal line that appears to the left edge of the obverse is a piece of fluff that is not on the medal)

Antonia del Bazo was the wife of Gianfresco Gonzaga (1441-1538).


Hill 212; Kress 72.