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Reference:6289 Beatrice Rangone Rovorella, c. 1575

Bust three-quarter facing, draped, the head tiltled slightly to the left, the hair braided and in a coif. BEATRIX RANGONA ROVORELLA.

A three-masted ship without sails on a stormy sea buffeted by heavy waves and winds. FIDE. ET. PIETATE. EGREDIAR

Bonze, cast. 61 x 57 mm. (177.12 grammes).

Condition: Very Fine



Beatrice Roverella (d. 1575), wife of Paolo Giulio Manfroni, a Venetian nobleman, and subsequently Ercoli Rangoni.

Assuming the form of a canvas, and rare in the medallic form of its representation, the bust is in extraordinary relief, rising more than 10 mm. above the plane of the relief, with which the truncation corresponds.   

In his catalogue entry for the specimen in the National Gallery of Washington, Graham Pollard refers to it as being 'of poor quality, probably modern, as are all recorded examples'. While that specimen does indeed look of poor quality, the comment as to all specimens being 'probably modern' is puzzling. The form and construction of this medal is certainly unorthodox, but it gives no hint of having been made in modern times. Attwood points to a Venetian precedent and stylistic concordance with eaerlier rectangular portrait medals (Hill, Corpus, 478 and 526). No less, the sitter herself is not thought of sufficient wider interest to prompt a revivalist issue. 

An attractive cast comparing very favourably with the best of the few known specimens of this medal. In both size, weight and orientation, it corresponds very closely with that in the National Gallery of Scotland collection (61 x 57 mm.; 184.60 grammes; 270 degrees).



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