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Reference:4000 Dr Otto Nordenskjold, 1905

Bust of Nordenskjold, left, wearing a high-collar fur-trimmed coat. /

Reverse is plain.

By Hugo Taglang.

Silver, matt. 58 x 80 mm. 

Condition: Extremely fine.


Dr Nils Otto Nordenskjold (1869-1928), Swedish geologist and explorer whose expeditions included those to Tierra del Fuego, Alaska and Greenland. He led an expedition to the Antarctic in 1901 but was subsequently rescued by the Argentine government after his ship became crushed by ice. Hugo Taglang (b. 1874), sculptor and medallist working in Paris, he specialised in portrait busts, bas-reliefs and medals. The plaquette of Nordenskjold, the only example noted in silver, is a wonderfully enigmatic portrait study.