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Reference:5557 Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba, 1571

Armoured bust of Ferdinando Alvarez de Toledo to right, wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece. FERDIN. TOLET. ALBA. DVX. BELGIAE PRAEF. 1571. Beaded border.

Elaborate crest. DEO ET REGI VITAEVSVS [God and the King are the reasons for life]. Beaded border.

Silver. 39 mm. (26.80 grammes in weight).

Condition: Good Very Fine


Ferdinando Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba (1508-82), Governor of the Spanish-Netherlands. This struck medal exhibits die flaws on the reverse side and edge; while of a minor nature, it is an indication that the master tool had a short life, which would account for the rarity of this medal. 

An attractive medal with a pleasing toning.