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Reference:5999 Geological Society of London: Bigsby Medal , 1876

Bust of J.J. Bigsby to left.

Agelacrinites found in Canada.

By A.B. Wyon.

Gold (60 grammes). 45 mm.

Condition: Good Extremely Fine


Award inscription engraved on edge in 1915 to Henry Hayden. Sir Henry Hubert Hayden (25 July 1869 - 28 August 1923) was a geologist, who worked in the Geological Survey of India, and a mountaineer. He studied stratigraphy in various parts of the Himalayas, during the course of his work, which included being a geologist in the Tirah Expeditionary Force, 1897-98 and with the Tibet Frontier Commission of 1903 along with Francis Younghusband. He also worked in Afghanistan from 1907-8. He served as Director of the GSI from 1910 to 1920 and was C.I.E. in 1911. He published on the Geology of Spiti with parts of Bushahr and Rups (1904) and a Sketch of the Geography and Geology of the Himalaya Mountains with S.G. Burrard (1907). Hayden was one of the founders of the Indian Science Congress in 1912 and served as a President in later years. He was also a Fellow of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and its President in 1918. Hayden died while on a climbing expedition in Switzerland to Finsteraarhorn. He was returning back after the ascent on 12 August when he and his two guides were killed in a rock-slide. 

John Jeremiah Bigsby (1792-1881) pioneer of geology in Canada. 

A scarce and particularly choice specimen.


BHM 3033; Eimer 1653b.