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Reference:4037 Ludovico Gambalo, c. 1560

Draped bust of Ludovico Gambalo, left. An animal which appears to be a crocodile in a landscape. Attributed to Pier Paolo Galeotti. Copper, cast. 26 mm. (1.1 inches) in diameter.

Condition: Good fine, and with a pleasant, medium-brown patina. A contemporary cast of good quality.

Notes: No record of this medal can be found in any published source, nor is anything known of Ludovico Gambalo, who is described in the legend on this medal as being 16 years of age. His date of birth can therefore be placed c. 1545. The medal has strong stylistic similarities with the work of Pier Paolo Galeotti (1520-84), in the treatment of the portrait, and with particular regard to its posture and the decoration of the drapery. Would you please note that you are in the ARCHIVE page of the website, where all sold items are placed. For items that are still available, please go to the menu opposite and click on MEDALS & MEDALLIC ART.

References: Apparently unpublished.