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Reference:5635 Major-General Sir H.M. Drummond: Surrender of Ghuznee, 1839

Large bust of Major-General Drummond to right. /

A large fortress, at the gates of which stand British troops accepting the terms of surrender from an advancing Afghani soldier.

By Elkington & Co.

Bronze. 65 mm.

Condition: Very Fine


A silver military medal of 40 mm. diameter, was issued by the British govenrment in 1842 to all troops who took part in this action, with a view of the citadel at Ghuznee on the one side, and a mural crown with space for the recipient's name on the other.

A separate 40 mm. silver medal, and believed unique, was struck for special presentation to the Earl of Auckland, Governor-General of India. This uses a more detailed and broader depiction of the citadel, as can be seen on the medal being offered here.

Such is the formidable presence of the citadel of Ghuznee, as evident from the medal itself, that it is little wonder that its capture from Afghan forces, during the First Afghan War of 1839, was the subject of various books by members of the Royal Engineers, soem of whom were engaged in its capture.

A very scarce medal in an unsually good state of preservation for this issue. The medal has a plain edge and retains its original suspension loop.


Puddester (Indian medals) 876.2.