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Reference:5983 Oliver Cromwell and Tommaso Aniello, 1658

Bust of Oliver Cromwell, three-quarters right, armoured and wearing a large plain collar; on either side is a soldier, supporting a wreath above Cromwell's head. A cartouche below, inscribed OLIVAR CROMWEL PROTECTOR V. ENGEL: SCHOTL: YRLAN. 1658 (incuse).

Bust of Tommaso Anniello (or Masaniello, as he was frequently called), three-quarters right, draped; on either side is a sailor supporting a naval crown above Masaniello. A cartouche below, inscribed MAS'ANIELLO VISSCHER EN CONINCK V NAPLES 1647 (incuse).

By Wouter Muller.

Silver. 71 mm.

Condition: Extremely Fine


Masaniello was leader of a revolt in Naples, rising through the ranks through the ranks to great heights, and thus compared to Oliver Cromwell. 

A superb high-relief portrait of Cromwell and example of the Dutch genre of medal, comprising two circular plates of silver skilfully joined at their edge by a broad rim. Most attractively toned and rare so nice. 


Medallic Illustrations i, 432/78; Eimer 198; Scher 26.