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Reference:4272 Winston Churchill, 1965

Bust of Winston Churchill, almost facing. The Victory salute of two fingers. By Harald Salomon. (signed monogram, lower-left). Bronze, cast. 95 mm. (3.75 inches) in diameter.

Condition: Nearly extremely fine.

Notes: Harald Salomon (1900 - 1992), born in Oslo, Norway, but brought up in Denmark, this celebrated Jewish sculptor and coin- and medal-engraver studied at the Danish Royal Academy of Beaux-Arts, and began work at the Royal Mint, while still at college. According to Engstrom, three examples of this rare medal were made, and it was shown at the FIDEM exhibition in Paris in 1967.

References: Engstrom (Medallic Portraits of Winston Churchill) 32; Daniel M. Friedenberg, Jewish Minters and Medallists, 73.